1 . The children ..... at school.

a . are
b . their
c . they're

2 . Which phrase is correct?

a . She does watches TV every day.
b . She watches TV every day.
c . She watchs TV every day

3. Excuse me, ...... to Manchester?

a . does this train go
b . this train goes
c . is this train go

4. You can call from here. ............ a phone on the table

a . There are
b . There is
c . Is there

5. Tina’s house is very large, ......... got six bedrooms.

a . it does
b . it is
c . it’s

6. Which phrase is correct?

a . They eat never chocolate
b . They never eat chocolate
c . They don’t never eat chocolate.

7. Katie and Helen ........ tired yesterday.

a . did be
b . were
c . are

8. Pay attention, Phillip! ...........?

a . Do you listen
b . Are you listening
c . You are listening

9. Which phrase is correct?

a . He’s studied yesterday.
b . He studyed yesterday.
c . He studied yesterday.

10. My sister ........

a . is older than you
b . is old as you
c . is oldest than you

11. Yesterday, ..............

a . she’s had lunch with her mum.
b . she did lunched with her mum.
c . she had lunch with her mum

12. Which question is correct?

a . How did you get here?
b . How you got here?
c . How did you got here?

13. Which phrase is correct?

a . Our team didn’t win.
b . Our team didn’t won.
c . Our team didn’t winned.

14. What are you doing this summer? Any plans?

a . I will rest!
b . I’m going to rest!
c . I can rest!

15. How much ..........?

a . people are coming to the party
b . eggs are in the fridge?
c . money do you have with you?

16. Sorry, I haven’t got ....... coffee.

a . some
b . any
c . none

17. James, ........ your homework! We need to leave soon.

a . do
b . make
c . have

18. Choose the correct question.

a . Have you ever spoken to Jessica?
b . Have you spoken never to Jessica?
c . Have you spoken to Jessica ever

19. I have lived in Rome ............

a . for 5 years
b . 5 years ago
c . since 5 years

20. If you take this medicine, you ......... better.

a . would feel
b . will feel
c . could feel

21. .......... Now they live in Madrid.

a . They are used to live in London
b . They used to live in London
c . They use to live in London

22. If I want to pass my exam, I ........ study harder.

a . will have to
b . could have to
c . would have to

23. While I was walking to work, I realized I ......... my wallet at home.

a . left
b . have left
c . had left

24. Bill ....... last week at the new barber’s down the road.

a . had his hair cut
b . had cut his hair
c . got cut his hair

25. If we ......... the lottery, we could move to the Bahamas.

a . won
b . would win
c . will win

26. I wish ........., I was so embarrassed.

a . you haven’t said that
b . you hadn’t said that
c . you didn’t say that

27. That guy, ........ we met at the beach, is my brother’s best-friend.

a . which
b . whom
c . who

28. Phone rings. “Please excuse me, I am expecting a call from my boss right now. That ........ be her.”

a . must
b . could
c . can’t

29. As children, we were ........... to respect our elders.

a . grown up
b . raised up
c . brought up

30. Let’s stop ........., I need a break!

a . to study
b . studying
c . for studying

31. The judge asked the witness ......... give him more information.

a . whether she can
b . if she could
c . could she

32. I’m looking forward .......... to Thailand next month.

a . to go
b . to going
c . going

33. ............ here for hours. I’m not waiting for them anymore!

a . I’ve been standing
b . I’ve stood
c . I’m standing

34. Which phrase is correct?

a . We are use to taking the train.
b . We getting used to taking the train.
c . We are used to taking the train.

35. I thought you spoke German. You can speak it, ..........?

a . couldn’t you
b . don’t you
c . can’t you

36. Strictly in your opinion, where do you see the economy going next year?

a . I think it is improving next year.
b . I think it will improve next year.
c . I think it is going to improve next year.

37. You went to so much trouble with the surprise party, ...........

a . you didn’t have to
b . you mustn’t have
c . you needn’t have

38. Next December, I ............ here for exactly 20 years!

a . will have been working
b . will be working
c . will work

39. They have seen a ......... increase in sales in the last quarter.

a . sharp
b . big
c . strong

40. I really recommend this book, I loved it! ..........

a . You ought read it
b . You must read it
c . You had better read it

41. In the end, you’ll probably be ......... by the price of this new car, a cool £125,000.

a . missed out
b . put off
c . hit upon

42. How do you account for the manager’s fiery ........ yesterday afternoon?

a . output
b . outburst
c . outcry

43. After the exquisite meal, we .......... over our cake and coffee for an hour or so.

a . lounged
b . loitered
c . lingered

44. The next time he puts you down in front of your colleagues you really ought to ............ him.

a . go through with
b . stand in for
c . stand up to

45. I know my German teacher doesn’t like me, I think she ......... me.

a . hits it off with
b . falls out with
c . has it in for

46. I don’t mind wearing my older brother’s ...........

a . pick-me ups
b . turn me downs
c . hand me downs

47. This guide book is ............ useless.

a . oddly
b . utterly
c . remotely

48. The outbreak of violence served as a ........ reminder of how fragile the peace was.

a . stark
b . blind
c . bound

49. We decided to celebrate our anniversary by going out and painting the town .............

a . gold
b . pink
c . red

50. At the moment there is no ........... of the Prime Minister resigning.

a . likelihood
b . means
c . matter





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